The 3 mistakes of my Life..the First one

Well this is not my take on Chetan Bhagat’s 3 mistakes of my life or a review on that because I never read books. I was just thinking about that book title and wondering what it would mean in my Life and bam the idea of blogging.

The first mistake in my life is Studying in a Boys School. Yes, you read it right. It’s a grave mistake, actually not mine but my parent’s mistake. Maybe they felt some where that Raak is not fit for co-education or they thought like our sweet kid may lose his ways if put in a co-education school. Either way I am the loser. I am trying to analyse the decision and dissect it now in this post.

Scene 1: Conversation between my mom and dad (purely fictional)

Mom: It’s high time we shortlist the schools for our kid.

Dad: hmmm….

Mom: How about a christian school where in he can learn the religious values?

Dad: right as if…

Mom: Should it be a co-ed one?

Dad: No, that may spoil our kid. We shouldn’t be the reasons for any sort of distraction that can come in his studies. (damn there are no “good” co-ed schools in Chennai…Nothin is better than nonsense !!)

Maybe that’s how my parents decided to put me in a boys school. Anyways till I was in 7th or 8th I never cared about that much. Later you know science and nature does a lot of “something” on you where in you start thinking and wondering about the other sex for most of the time. Then you get a group for yourself, where all the guys talk about Good looking teachers, Girls school and probably Girls in their neighborhood. Lucky few have Good looking teachers, fewer more with a Girls school near their school and the luckiest of all have girls in their neighborhood too. I don’t remember to which category I belonged then but I was lucky.

We used to go and stand outside girls school for no reason just feeling the hormones running wild for sometime. The rule is you have to decide some girl whose name or any other details that you usually fill up in the about me column of Orkut or Info Section of Facebook you wont know and select her as your “Aalu” (Girlfriend in tamil). For the rest of the academic year you have to show your fidelity. That used to be real fun.
Then gradually when you understand the changes that took place in you and realize its not science in general that had changed but biology is the culprit that brought this change in you, you get to go to the next level. The scene where in you go and talk with the gal. Man those were the days. Since you are from a boys school talking to a gal makes you a stud back but the problem is you won’t know where and how to start. You go and ask for the time to her the first day, next day you will be treating your friends with 50p samosas for the bold move.
Now coming to the point, why is it a Bad mistake in my life. First you will end up getting high on adrenaline for all small glances after a long waiting time outside the girls school. This I feel is totally useless in the age of FB and Orkut. Second, you get the eww look when you carry out invitation for your school culturals. Ob who will want to come for a Boys school cultural. Next, you have a feeling that studying in Boys school makes you more masculine or “gethu” which is wrong. If a girl is from a girls school or convent it gives you the feeling she is THE girl. If a guy is from a Boys school you end up giving the impression Huh!
Whatever…My dad was not aware of the Shisya’s, PSBB’s, Vidya Mandir’s while he decided to do good for me. Also I realized that Mistakes turn out to be good for me. I had lots of fun in the DAV’s (who needs the Church Park or PSBB’s we have our own “babes”). I have a lot of friends who even made a serious commitment in life with some girl he used to go and speak in “the standing outside Girls School sessions”.
After all you can’t afford mistakes when you are old. So I started off with the first one, studying in a Boys school. Though I regret it for some reasons, I bet you can never have the fun in any other co-ed schools, atleast Chennai co-ed schools.

19 thoughts on “The 3 mistakes of my Life..the First one

  1. Gud vetti post.. 🙂 ..Sigh..the missed chances..the lost hours!!!! 😛 I think i know the other two mistakes of your life… I will leave it to the podumakkals imagination…

  2. Good one!!!!… Now whn people start appreciating your story telling ability, thats even better.. carry one.. I’ll be looking forward for the other TWO MISTAKES… lol

  3. well well well…its nice to see you writing about your field of expertise… 😉 i think i shud forward this link to ur parents!!!! 😀

    good start raak…waiting to kno the other two mistakes…keep writing!!

    • Penned our DAVian feeling well..! .For me it extended to Boys coaching classes!! Huge mistake 😦 ..Btw Raak.. Am wondering about your other mistakes n unable to recollect d top 2 among dem..loads of dem..vry tuf !! :P..Gud start…But ur fans wud expect a lot frm ya..

  4. After 2 yrs of this ‘DAV Boys’ life, i changed over to DAV Gill… And more specifically in a CO-Ed section… That day i told myself.. “Why did my parents do this to me for 2 long years!”

  5. Gud start .. but Mr.Raak u forgot 1 aspect ther r ppl who know vy well wat happ next ?? lemme c wats d next u r wanting to quote .. ll reserve my comments till then .. got cot wid ur own post dude …

  6. 😀 😀 … good start after long thinking raakesh.. who says u cant write as good as u narrate 😛 .. waiting for ur next 2 mistakes… n many more “purely fictional” blogs 😀 😀

  7. sweet kid it seems 😛 lol..btw raak its not adrenaline its testosterone ;)…n babes ??? :O oooooo i tot u hated dav girls 😛 lol…great start..!!!!

  8. My 2 cents of condolence for you have missed the fun of studying in a co-ed school 😛
    It was awesome narration Raak 🙂 As the objective goes, it really made me laugh when i read

    “you treat your friends with 50p samosas for the bold move”. Gr8.Keeping goin.

  9. neenga sema comedy sir.
    Very similar to my school life da. After all we studied in the same boys school. I thought only my story was like this. Happy to know I’ve got company.

  10. U started wit ur strength Raak – Gals 😛 . As the time progress we get to know how the life transformed from no Gals to Only gals 🙂 …I know its not a long way down the line…Lemme wait..

  11. De why u r also writing like kaushik. part one, two n all. 😛 . and he also started with ‘3 idiots way’. u r starting with ‘3 mistakes’.. chetan bhagat has really influenced us all 🙂 .
    btw i cannot imagine how it wud hav been in a co ed school ..u wud hav never had time to talk to guys …i think u shud write abt ur Cha _ _ _ _ _ _ _ hi stories.. 😉

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