The second mistake!

While I was cursing myself for the first mistake the phase of Higher Secondary Schooling started. Everyone around you ask the same question, Engineering or Medicine. I never knew there were other stuff for living apart from this. I was wondering what I really wanted to do and switched on the TV, saw some doctor speaking about some surgery with a guy’s stomach slit open. Dude your intestines are on TV!! (I definitely didn’t want to come on TV with someone’s intestines. )

That was the moment, sitting under the fan(no Bodi Tree near my house) enlightened me. I changed the channel and found some news on some Engineer getting laurels for India. God wanted me to an engineer.  Sighhh… how I wish FTV came up when I changed the channel but I had only doordarshan.

Fine, now analyzing the mistake part of the whole stuff. I never had any interest in Engineering nor in Medicine. I really didn’t know what to do with life guys. I just wanted to have fun. I selected B.E (Hons.) Electrical and Electronics. Yes. My Bad.

BITS Goa was the place. It had the huge responsibility of developing India through an engineer like me. First day started at 6AM. Queue in the bathroom. (India is really lucky so many Engineers doing their morning stuff without water!!) 730AM Breakfast 755AM first class…err..lecture. (I am an engineer now on so my lingo should be professional) Awesome AC class room and soothing lecture. Perfect for a nap! This continued and then the in me started, crap with this system. foot. I went and joined the CGPA Sucks community in Orkut. ahhhh. Life is great. (no more 6AM queue) No more morning lectures. Then I realized I should join the Bunking classes community, that should make me a cool engineer!

Life moved on fast like a flicker book. Lots of courses and lots of friends. I was happy for the latter and felt bad for the former since I paid no attention to it.

The Chronological order was:

(please do not ask what Goa stands for)

Sem 1: Find new friends.

Sem2: Explore the place.Goa.Hangout.Goa.

Sem3: Find a GF! 😉 Goa.

Sem4: Get a Comp.Goa.LAN games. Goa.

Sem5:CGPA is less.. :(. Goa

Sem6: CGPA is still less and this time it hurts. Decide to quit Goa.

Sem7: Unjoined from CGPA sucks and joined PS2 community.Started Goa again.

Sem8: Job…zzzz…..break up….zzzz….Farewell!!

It was one roller coaster ride; friends, friends group, friends gang,became college Rowdies, Gang wars, college skits, Tamil Sangam, DJ nights, so-called Gals(it just refers to my batch gals from my college, others no offense), BH1, Common Room, Mess food, night out for studying, copying, copying the wrong formula in the bit you carry for an exam, your friend takes off your bit and leaves the exam hall, copying in SMS (Hail Engineering!), late night “aratais”, walks around the campus, Lab reports, VIVA’s, Road Trips, begging Profs for marginal B grades, praying for a tough paper and keep up the image with your relatives, neighbors, people you may know, people you don’t know that being a 6 pointer in BITS is equivalent to be a University topper in any other institute (loved the attention I used to get back in Chennai :P).

Finally, I realized how important is CGPA a little late though. I had no clue what the Electrical and Electronics meant in the degree behind my name. I also fell in the same drain of IT, Software Engineers. As my first mistake went,this was also one hell of a fun ride. Happy I did this mistake too. People thought I was the engineer that India is waiting for. In the End, if it had not been for this mistake maybe I would have ended up as nobody.

P.S:  The first mistake still had its after effects. Boys school—>Co-ed college. Expectations soaring. High disappointment. Depression. Goa.

P.P.S: Cliche: My Junior batch gals were too good!


16 thoughts on “The second mistake!

  1. Noting new to frds who know u well.Still m wondering wats d mistake u r referring to.U nvr came up with wat if mite have done if not for dis..Anyways well written.Gud style..

    • Everything listed in the blog is the mistake. Right from joining EEE to all the stuff did in college. But I am happy I did all these mistakes is what I have mentioned in the last para.

  2. raak…it’s not really an “only boys read”… 😛

    except maybe i had trouble understanding a few “words” here and there…

    good one…cant wait for ur third mistake… 😀

  3. I m remembered of Ganesh’s talk 😛 esp “my foot” thin … i wud wana know what wer nt d mistakes u did rather than these .. 😛

  4. hahahahahahaha….. you knw what… every word is same for me.. apart from the gals part.. my college was blessed with that.. but nothing much changes even after that.. u only sleep after having a 5 hours debate with ur frnds that what kinna guy will go with those gals… and u can never fit into that role… alas!!! u end up queuing the toilet the next morning..

    Gr8 post.. keep up the good work…

  5. well, this write up is like an example for vig’s description of ‘all the world’s a stage’ (since u finally accept ur mistake) 🙂 so that proves u r a very good actor.. u r a ‘maha nadigan’ da.

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