Relationship or blah blah blah…

To be or not to be!!
To be or not to be in......!!

After getting inspired from my friend’s ABC of Love I thought I should write-up(not like DEF of love n all but) what I feel about Love, Flirting, Relationship or blah blah. For simplicity sake and to keep the blog short(so that the already less number of readers don’t reduce further) I am just talking about the interesting and compelling stereotypes of love. So lets forget about the more boring and lucky cases where in the Boy and Girl both love each other @ first sight. They decide to marry and none is against their decision. Everything falls in place for them, its like being born as Mallya Jr. or Ambani Jr. Apart from that there are many more cases like single sided love, love triangles and other geometrically complicating love scenarios which shall also be ignored. So.

Type :1: Friend to Friend to Love:

I feel this is a very common and interesting type. The guy and girl meet up and somehow their relationship starts as friendship. Slowly you know they get so close like doing assignments in college for the other person, doing pick up and drop service, throwing surprises on birthdays and staying up all night over the phone(thanks to all Network’s Night Talk plans). I am sure no friends do this except with the person of opposite sex whom you are attracted to, at least some level of attraction. Before they know they start coochey-cooing each other and the untold Love comes into existence. After this its just doing the formality of popping the question, which the guys are supposed to do. Then it comes to the stage of  “Being in a Relationship”.

Type: 2: Flirt to Flirt to Love:

Baah. Both starts flirting. Its like the guy flirts with 3 girls who in turn flirts with 3 other guys each. and the cycle goes on. So your life seems to be full of options. From the options its strictly a compare and contrast and select types. You literally jot down the pros and cons for the person so that you can make a wise decision 😛  .Finally the flirt becomes committed (and sometimes still continues flirting you know incase ;)). Hence both the guy and girl enters the phase of “Being in a Relationship”.

Type:3: Love to Breakup to Love:

The guy or girl would have been in a relationship earlier. Broken up. Guy or girl has a friend. The friend becomes the sweetest person on earth. Then back to Type 1 and they too “Be in a relationship”.

Type:4: Strangers to Love:

This is the type specially for the most patient and determined on what they need ones. Typically, the guy meets some girl, maybe from many waiting  outside girls’ schools or girls’ college bus stop sessions, and feels that this is the girl for him. Then he does a lot of thing to get the girls’ attention right from talking loudly to asking the time.  Usually the guy needs his friend to help in his antics (No wonder in movies the Hero has sidekicks!!). Some come up with innovation like taking the same bus or whatever and make it look like a coincidence (:O) but at the end of the day girl comes to know there is some fool stalking her. So usually the flow is somewhat like this:

Guy proposes ---> Girl rejects ---> Guy doesn't lose patience ---> Guy tries to convince ---> Guy tries to impress ---> Guy proposes again ----> Girl thinks ---> Guy makes her think again ----> Girl realizes she can't get someone else ----> Girl asks maybe we should be friends and then decide ----> Guy happy ---> Girl happy ---> Relationship!

Now being done with the stereotypes the next big thing. What happens after this phase of being in a relationship!!??!!

Well with few of my friends’ episodes and letting my imagination play a little role I can think of the following Exit Routes available from this phase.

Route:1: Stairway:

This is the route where in the couple (no more boy and girl) will have to convince everyone around, their parents, relatives, neighbors, astrologers, ancestors (for maintaining the family name), siblings, guy walking in the street and even the non animate objects around because everything comes in the large circle of society. This is painful like climbing the stairs and it can leave you panting. You may hear clichés like “Is this just an infatuation?; Is she the right girl for the family?; Is she from our caste?;Can you rethink about your decision?;Fine, your wish!”. However in the end you get to keep the girl. Lucky few (or unlucky few) get to take this route and reach Home.

Route:2: Elevator:

Usually this route is taken by the Type 2 guys. You know like the ones that come in Fastrack ad. They just want to move on. So you have a handshake, hug, good luck wishes and a goodbye kiss. Its as easy as getting down the elevator. No pains.

Route:3: Fire Exit:

This is the most dangerous exit route and often the guy takes this. If your girl (or guy) starts with statements like : “Wish we were in the same caste;How I wish I can…..;I will be so jealous of your spouse; Do you think your parents will agree?;I think we should talk”, its like the fire alarm ringing. You are heading to an emergency exit from the relationship. So you may have to take the hard route: booze, smoke, grow beard, update depressing status messages in all social networks, listen to romantic numbers, go on hibernation and start cursing all the female gender on earth. Some ultra cool guys end up doing other usually boring activities like driving alone or working all night thinking they are happy doing that. Poor us! Sorry for making this specific to guys, frankly I don’t know how girls react. Per me usually girls shed tears for a day, marry someone else the next day and they can name one of their kids in memory of the ex’s name and then…thats it. In the end, you have to get out and move forward. So Runnnnn!

Well guys you can try mixing and matching the categories to check where you fit in. If its fire run else take the elevator 😀


18 thoughts on “Relationship or blah blah blah…

  1. ROFL….nice one dude….. I loved the concept of Fire Exit.. its just so natural… hahahaha… Indeed the best post yet..

  2. muhaha…Kick ass mate! 😛 Brilliant stuff! But I wish you could temme what the girl does in the fire exit stage…maybe girls who read your blog could tell us 😉

    • ya i can reply..its because they breakup mostly when they find one..or they are gonna get married ..ultimately they get sumone to love them again….gifted girls! 😛

  3. 😀 putting all your learning and observations in form of blog! good going 😀 btw..this one just indicates how much research u have done on the topic 😉

  4. which category do u fall into raak????? 😉

    awesum post!!!!!so far my favorite!!!i like the flow diagram in Type 4 😀

    “Per me usually girls shed tears for a day, marry someone else the next day and they can name one of their kids in memory of the ex’s name and then…thats it. In the end, you have to get out and move forward.”

    lemme tk this positively…ultimately both the girl and the guy move fwd….the sooner u move,the better it is…walk looking ahead and not back….neednt Runnnnn!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    love the way u presented it raak…quite witty and humorous!!!

  5. lol.. too gud da!! .. creative style of writing by making flowcharts.. 😀 ..
    “Well with few of my friends’ episodes and letting my imagination play a little role”- I dono how many more are yet to victimize their frds around when it relates to themselves … Yet therz no1 btr who can analyse abt gals& love in a detailed and yet humorous way.. Gud wrk.. Keep tryin other genres as well. 🙂

  6. Ur best so far.. To be true nothing new to me as i know ur “philosophies” in and out.. Be it a flirt to flirt to love or friends to friends to love, there is a bit of raakesh in it. Fire exit was superb.. And i know to write something superbly u must ve experienced it atleast 3-4 times 😛

  7. Too gud … i tied relating all the types u hav writen .. i cud relate the frst 3 from ur life 😛 wat abt the 4th machi ? hav u tried gainin attention of the gal in these filmy ways ?

  8. NIce One Raak…A person who has experienced each one of these phases in his life can only write a master piece abt gals…Keep Up the good Wrk & waiting for your next series 😛

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