Work or blah blah blah….

Beep Beep…Snooze…Beep Beep..Snooze…Beep Beep…shit!

Well that’s how my mornings start. There were days when my mom used to wake me up, help me get dressed, stuff the Idli’s or whatever breakfast was there, carry the load of books and make me reach on time for the School assembly on a Monday morning. Damn I wished to grow up faster then. I am sure everyone would have wished the same when you were a kid. But I know now we all feel that we couldn’t have wished for anything more worse.

I thought once we grow up, once we start working we will have the option, the magic spell, which will relieve us from these. I guess the spell moved us from the pan to the fire. Now we do not have anyone to wake us up nor to stuff the Idli’s.  You just wake up to your MP3 alarm sound, take bath (becomes optional during winters), get those Arrow shirts. Derby trousers and Redtape shoes skip your meal just to go and start a whole new day at work…work…work or blah blah blah!

10:00 Hrs: You slowly walk into the air-conditioned office just hoping in the corner of the mind, there are no mails asking for EOD updates or even better a mail from your Manager about some vacation or appraisal. Boom. Nothing happens of that sort.
11:00 Hrs: After marking for follow-up the EOD deliverables you go ahead for the most important meal of the day, Breakfast. Find nothing impressive, get 2 slices of bread for 20 bucks and eat it.
13:00 Hrs: Update Hate work status message in all communicators.
14:30 Hrs: By the time you relish your long lunch, loads of mails pour in. All High Priority work. Start hitting the computer, start coding and do the same shit.
16:00 Hrs: Yawnnnn. Time for caffeine shots so that helps you stay up.
17:00 Hrs: Race against time. Reply to all EOD mails. Mark all people known to you in CC so that your work is appreciated.
18:00 Hrs: Code Crash. Fight Fire. Pull your hairs. Con Calls. Day Over.
20:00 Hrs: Get Home. Eat. FB. Sleep.

Well what written above is work, then yes I do this day in and day out. Over and over the same things.

Once you are in professional world, you have to start learning the art of Professionalism. Maybe if I had known in my UG if Professionalism only meant to know the terms “processes”, “escalations”, “issues”,”PFA”,”FYI”,”EOD/COB” and “concalls” then maybe I would have given serious thought on Post Graduation. You got to work or more importantly show people you are working. Even if an “issue” will be resolved by restarting your computer, you have to shoot few mails marked Important, call few people to your place, five six people should work on one computer and then restart your computer to resolve it. Then everyone will be happy you followed the “process” and you finished your issue by EOD.

Apart from this there are other pain in the ass stuff like the reviews, one on one’s, appraisal cycles, etc. On all these you will never know what will be the outcome. Everything would have seemed to be fine until you get your paycheck. Hours of discussion ending up as it started. As if these are not enough to annoy, the IT team is there to start the computer scan when you least need it and the HR team is there to regret for some inconvenience.

Then your life goes on with weekend partying, doing unnecessary shopping and eating a lot of junk food! Then you slowly realize you are wasting your life doing nothing. The timing cannot be more perfect for your peers to break some news of Promotion or a new Buy(meaning a really goooood buy like a car or a bike or a house or a watever) or an appraisal or a PG admission. You start breaking your head and sit up all night thinking its high time you decide something about your “career”. Then you feed your resumes to all monsters around and few other people go pay for studying tenth math.

Believe me that’s when you think it’s so easy to get a PG admit or to make a  job outside. You start ignoring all EOD mails. You don’t clock in your time. You read Dilbert strips and say to yourself **** this Work. As nature has it, nothing is easy, you get real. Lot of failed interviews, poor performances in the competitive exams, low appraisals at work. Back to business.

Mundane Mondays continue and your dreams continue!!


7 thoughts on “Work or blah blah blah….

  1. Looks like u’r missing me!!!!!!! 😛

    I should show this article to my parents…maybe they’ll not allow me to return to pune! 😀

  2. Life is a race..When u feel its mundane and look for a change in work life u r screwed.Be it any kind of work, we tend to get bored at one pt. or the other.Rather v shud look for spices which cud make our personal life btr and satiate ourselves… Go for ur passion 😛

  3. Mr.Raak – I m interested in knowin wat happens after u update ur status in all the communicators .. there has gotta be a bowler from the consoling end who s quick enuf to relieve ur grief .. btw wher does work come in ? i see a lot of mails sent here n there 😛 A one down batsmen like u pull out such topics what will the ball boys like me do ? jus kiddin nice 2 see a post escalatin evryday’s experience …

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