Responsibilities or Blah blah blah…

Right when you set your feet on earth (literally setting feet), your responsibilities start. Your parents expect you to be the topper in school, with little realization that if all become topper the word loses its meaning. At that time your responsibility might be just finishing off that home work before class or writing the imposition because you didn’t do the home work previous day. Somehow the word sticks on you, everything becomes your RESPONSIBILITY!

Gradually the R word grows faster than you and you end up toiling more than what you want just to keep in pace with your responsibilities. It just doesn’t stop chasing you. Every point in life, the sense of responsibility is stuffed on you. Whether you like it or not you have to take it. For eg, now making this blog funny has become a sense of responsibility for me. In fact a very big one, in which I know am not doing good, maybe just for the reason I hate responsibilities.

Why can’t life be just to have fun. To do what you like, just to hang around for the little time you have; to have the feeling that there is no responsibility, you need not answer anyone, it’s just you and your own mind. You needn’t worry about satisfying people around, calling relatives on their birthdays, answering your mobile,  going and getting groceries for the week, paying all the monthly bills (especially credit card bills), getting good appraisals, getting a post graduation or sticking on with a hefty paycheck.

Maybe the world without responsibilities will be boring. We may not know what to do and what not to do since nothing is our responsibility. There will be no order. But still it is tempting enough to give a try. One day without taking any responsibilities was fun for me. Too much of something is good for nothing. So lets not overdo the responsible part.

What if there are no responsibilities…a world without them………zzzzzzzzzz………..(coils spinning and smoke around to show a dream scene)….

Manager X: Why your in time is less than 9 hours?
Resource Y: Sir...errr....but I don't think so.
Manager X: Records show you were in office for just 8 hours and 20 minutes.
Resource Y: Actually there was no milk in office and I was not supposed to complain about it so I had gone early for a coffee..
X: Whaaat???...this is totally not right....
Y: Can't I have a coffee??..Cant I leave 10 minutes early??....Cant I have a life??
X: It's your responsibility to be in office for the said hours and now per the process the HR will be speaking with you.
Y: Responsibility!!...what the beep?!

X: This behavior is not expected from a responsible person like you.

Y: Responsible...arggghhhh.....Beep off!!
Scene: 2:
Man: God why this world is full of responsibilities?!!
God: Hi mortal!
Man: God..., please do not show off. Answer my question responsibly.
God: See now I also have responsibilities. 

Man: I do not appreciate sarcasm in my dreams. Answer please.

God: That's your responsibility to figure out the answers.

Man: Again responsibility. Why can't I just sit out and have fun in the roller coaster ride.

God: It's up to you to take up the responsibilities. You can choose not to.
Man: Please answer me without the word responsibility.
God: Pass.
Man: Ufffffff....
God: Kick!

(dream over!!…back to the world of responsibilities)


8 thoughts on “Responsibilities or Blah blah blah…

  1. Good 1 da ! .. But m wondering how a guy who has d least responsibities(at home atleast) thks so much.. Stil nice narration … N vry different genre attempted.. likes! 🙂

  2. I second your thought.. Perhaps it seems like your predicament is very unruly here. But I love the conversation with God… sometimes ignorance is a virtue of omniscient and hence it defines why God says “Pass”… LOL

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