The month that was not…

Actually this blog was parked in my drafts for a pretty long time that another month got over. JULY 2010….Well this month marks the completion of 2 years of Professional life. Actually that’s not the reason for writing a blog on this month. This month proved to be the month for a lot of realizations. Such a strenuous month that I couldn’t even complete this blog. Understanding How hard Life can be! How corporate life is a bitch!

The word restructuring can become terrifying. The term process  re-engineering can re-engineer a lot of other processes. All you can see around is gloom. You just want to leave the place but still something stops you. May be you are addicted to the pay check so much that you cannot think beyond it. You want to do something you want, you like. Then comes the most difficult question, what you like? what you want to do? That will become another never-ending topic (a blog in itself!!)

The feeling of going to a war field comes up every morning when you wake up. The SIREN sounds and the war beings. You do not know when your number will pop up and you will get a head shot. You try to escape to greener fields but I am too laid back to try that. So its easier to imagine that situation than actually being in that.(<music playing>Wake me up when September ends</music playing>)

Hmmmm….. why I am not saying that’s it!

  • Maybe like Inception someone planted the idea of loving this in my Head.
  • Maybe I am forgetting I hate this now and then like Ghajini.
  • Maybe I just don’t care enough to hate it.
  • Maybe I need to get stressed up for the love of BUDS every weekend.
  • Maybe my credit cards bill never let me hate this.
  • Maybe I just don’t want to sit at home without doing anything. So something is better than nothing.
  • Maybe I just can’t see my account balance without being refreshed every 30 days.
  • Maybe I need more push to say the words.
  • Maybe its just peer pressure, feeling insignificant to say I am jobless

That’s a lot of maybe’s. Figuring out how to get out of this will a take while. At the end the realizations matter.

The quote “The problem with rat race is even if you win you are a rat” made so much sense to me. What is the race for? Should I really take it? If no, what else?

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14 thoughts on “The month that was not…

  1. Since last couple of blogs.. you are coining down the predicament of your mind.. This time is professional life… Undoubtedly the picture is very much similar for many more around you.. But I think there lies the irony, these situations give you the best endeavors in life. So capitalize them and shine..

    P.S. : – That is an awesome song.. !!!! 🙂

  2. I just noticed that u labelled my blog as the one with all serious issues on earth…thanks for that!!! 😛

    Good one…very well summarizes the most common topic over coffee over the last couple of months!!! Maybe you should put it on the intranet forum!!! 😉

  3. All I will say is find happiness in other small things in office and life.. like like… I m running out of examples.. Wait a minute there is nothing else! You are freaking right..

  4. people start getting frustration when any one of the following factor comes stagnant (technology,Money,position)……….. anyone who works for more than 2 years in a company would feel frustration due to one of the above …. But i feel this frustration is part of the professional life irrespective of place where you work.. What i can suggest is plan for what you want to be after 5 year and work towards that…..

  5. State of official pressure is well described.But then its always gud to feel proud of being a the true warrior and facing the battle with courage than to hope that ders no war..Den evrythng will seem even more borin! C mon frd..lets go to war with smile on our faces 😉

  6. may b raak u r being vetti durin nite shift to have finished it now .. if IG sir takes a luk at it guess another mail ll b sent to ask team opinion ..

    Mr.vicky we know wat war u face evryday ,, moodra nayae ..

  7. Congrats on 2 yrs! 🙂 .. and nice list of thoughts, I can connect with 3 and 4!
    I m happy some days, some days as you said at war with work..Not sure what to go with, you said having wrked for 2 yrs now..i feel the part that i most enjoyed was probably the ppl i met etc here and also slightly what i learned, but I m not able to fully enjoy working on a daily basis..i also feel a lil guilt that it’s my insincerity or sluggishness to work that’s causing me to feel this way..and I feel i can’t rightfully say this is NOT the thing for me..
    2ndly, I think at times, when i see vids like , that we don’t hv much time to sit and ponder if it’s the right thing we re doing..but to actually keep moving on..When we re THERE!, we ll know it! (he says in that vid.)..

    • exactly prit at the end its the ppl around that makes u happy n the work…maybe its not sluggishness maybe its jus that v r yet to find wat v r here for!! so lets keep doin wat v r doin and move on till v find wat v r here for!!

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