Aye Aye Emm Eyyy – Part 1 The Battle in the Semis

I almost forgot I had an account in WordPress.  In fact I had to use the “Forgot Password” option to log in and start with this post. I really can’t believe that this topic IIM-A really held me so busy, so long. Actually it’s not IIM-A, but it’s that part of the year where in you try to bell the most hyped stuff  for IIM-A (with no luck usually!) which had actually kept me busy. Coming to this post it’s not about any exam cracking strategy or any share-your-experience about the exams (so you can click the X mark on the top right corner if you were looking for something of that),  but it’s about my visit to probably the most dreamt about college in the country for a totally different reason “National Business Olympiad” (henceforth referred as NBO). Please bear with me for my poor sense of humor and if I am showing off (am really proud about being a part of NBO…geee). Common guys, exams are humor killers! 😡

The Prequel:

For noob, NBO is nothing but a simulated game which they call SmartSims (will be referred as Game here-forward) where in you fake like you own a bike company (I'm CEO, bitch...!!!) and you have to run the company. That means you get to decide everything right from how many bikes you want to manufacture, what bikes you want to manufacture and whether you want to rope in Sharukh Khan or Aamir Khan for promoting your bike. Depending on your decisions, your company may do really well and your share prices can skyrocket or you can file for bankruptcy. No prizes for early birds in becoming bankrupt. Please get the hang now, cant explain more. The first leg of NBO happened almost across all cities countrywide and the top 90 teams participate in the Semis held in IIM-A. Thanks to Anshul and Pratik for roping me in their team for the semis. So the journey to Ahmedabad begins...

Day: 0:

You know sometimes you just feel like you should get a glimpse of the hot girl on whom you have a crush and you end up with the girl smiling at you. That’s like LOTTO. Same thing, we went to ask for paid leaves for 3 days so that we can take part in the semis without taking off and we ended up getting sponsorship from the company for the trip. After all we were representing our company over there. So they took care of all the ADMIN stuff and we just had to travel and not worry about anything. So we installed the game, got few tips from the net and was getting ready for the day. Our aim was not be bankrupt on the first day since the game goes on for three days. Here goes the itinerary, that we had in mind:

  • Day: 1: Not to become bankrupt.
  • Day: 2: Try to hang on.
  • Day: 3: It’s OK to be bankrupt now!
  • Day:4: Catch the flight to Mumbai, for one of those exams that need to be belled.
  • Day:5: Back to office.


Finally, we were there in THE campus only to find a building which was like wannabe red fort. No people around maybe because it was a weekday and it was some lecture time. We walked up to the registration desk to find an OK to good-looking girl asking for the details and registering us for the NBO. She was generous to offer us one of the dorms for our acco. After all we paid 4500 for the competition which includes the acco and the entry fees. Little did we know that the girl was generous to 25 other people too offering the same dorm…grrr. There was literally no place unless you have mastered the art of standing and sleeping. So we just kept the bags there and went out to go get ourselves something to eat. After roaming through the entire campus we thought we should like it because it was IIMA and not for any other reasons.

We decided to take a hotel room nearby since the dorm was giving the ditch-me look. Bless Ahmedabad, for the autos are really cheap there. We found a room to stay and then we formed the huddle. We had to prepare the STRATO book since we were fighting against the best MBA minds and the corporates of the country. We knew there was going to be two rounds for the day and prepared the strategy for the two rounds. BUDBAK was the name of our company.

21:00 hrs the game began. First round went in and our stock price went from 10 to 8 whereas the team which was leading had a stock price of 20. Now we knew we were playing with the real men of the game. Panic struck and our strategy was not working. Do the math change the strategy. Round 2. 8 to 14. We were happy. The topper were somewhere around 51. We were still happy because we were not bankrupt whereas some 30 teams were bankrupt including much of the IIMA teams. We were unhappy because none of our strategy worked, at least we thought so. So went back to the room, thought we should just have fun (like the type, if getting raped is inevitable lay back and enjoy it) and decided to change the itinerary for day 2. Instead of hanging on we decided to go behind the topper in our world. Give them a tough time.


We just sat in the room watching Star Cricket and eating and yeah Channel V Dare to Date, don’t know why we were watching that. We decided there is no use of opening the STRATO book and we just have to be spontaneous. The overall rankings (across all worlds) were put up. We were amazed to see ourselves placed at number 29 among the 90. We were there standing with our new strategy, KICK the topper of our world. We didn’t want to win but we just wanted them to be afraid of us. We had nothing to lose so we made bold decisions. The market was favoring us. Everything we did clicked. We were getting most of the market share. We were patting our own back for the Ambani within us. The day got over and we were placed at number 6. Yes guys, in the top 8. 🙂 We were so happy that the plan changed for good.  As they say fortune favors the brave.

Day:3: Final day for Semi’s

We entered the arena. Excuse me for over dramatization but indeed it was like 300 movie only thing we were just 3 and yes of course minus the abs and muscles and plus properly dressed. We were getting greedy and we told ourselves “Tonight we dine in Helll”. We knew we had a flight early morning to Mumbai. So if we can’t stay in top 8 we will be boarding the flight but if the stars are all aligned and God smiles on us then we will have to cancel the flight. After all the prize money of 1 lakh was doing rounds in our brain. The topper in our world came running to us just to wave the peace flag. We decided not to fight with the topper so that both of us can go the top 8. We struck a gentleman’s agreement about setting the prices for the bikes so that we don’t eat each other’s market share. End of Round 7 we were 7th overall. Now slowly we started playing in defensive mode. We wanted to sustain the rank. End of 8th round we were 8th. The topper were sticking to the agreement but our market was saturated and we couldn’t increase our share prices as high as others. Final round got over. The moment came when the results were to be announced.  All the 90 teams in one room wanting to know the top 8. We wanted to cancel our tickets to Mumbai so we wanted to stay in top 8. The organizers announced the top 7 and was taking time to announce the 8th spot since it was the most coveted. So they did the usual lame any-guesses game but all were not in a mood for that game at 01:00Am in the night. We were not in top 7 and then the announcement went, “BUDBAK at 8th”. I went like wwwoooohhhhhoooooo. My team mates went like :O. For a moment, I wanted to become invisible because I thought I shouted for some other team since my team mates were silent. Goshh I made a fool of myself, I thought but then I really saw BUDBAK at 8 and felt like shouting to everyone, Goodbye Biatches!!


  • Man proposes God disposes, none of our plans worked but it changed for the Good.
  • Be bold and just kickass. If you are going down too you will go in glory.
  • MBA is not that great because we kicked some 82 teams who were supposedly taught how to run a company but still it’s good because there were 7 teams with MBA on top of us.
  • And yeah Dare to Date is funny programme and watch it only if you have nothing better to do.
  • Also the topper back stabbed us in the last round thinking we won’t make it to the top 8 and breached the gentleman’s agreement. So all of them out there don’t run their business ethically.
To be continued…..
Business Olympiad

23 thoughts on “Aye Aye Emm Eyyy – Part 1 The Battle in the Semis

  1. Thx Man for an exciting Narration…Its good to see people appreciating what you are trying to do…for others who dont know we were the organizers for the NBO…

    Thanks for the highlight and we will try and reduce the lame “Guess Game” at the end…

    You are invited for the NBO 2011 which I promise will be tougher and more GRAND then this year because it will be conducted in 100 cities and the dons from all these cities will try and kick ass in the Finals…

    Pranav Sanghvi
    Country Head

    • Hi Pranav,
      Thanks a lot. Infact I should thank you guys for this NBO. It was great fun being there and lot of learning too. Actually I gave another write up to my company which is more informative and serious types. Everyone was excited about the NBO. I will definitely share that once it is in our office’s newsletter.

      P.S: “Guess Game” thingy was on a lighter note! 😛

  2. May b im the last one to comment over here 😀 … Never mind ..With lil bit of dramatization u hav really made my 5 mts of reading Entertaining …Among all ur other Blogs i lik tis more ..Good going ..Hope u r bac at IIM again 🙂

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