Aye Aye Emm Eyyy – Part 2 The AntiClimax

I’m sorry guys for making the first part reallllly biggg that was my biggest blog. But thanks a lot for your patience and for your comments. And people who didn’t comment I will post a separate blog on How to comment for you guys! For those who didn’t read the first part: “Hi, Help yourself!”

Now, to the point yes the finals of the Business Olympiad.The organizers called out for the top 8 so we were there walking pulling up our collars just to get the biggest surprise. The SmartSims folks (The organizers…yes the guys who can introduce recessions in the market. Ofcourse in the game but still…) goes like, Congrats guys but we are changing the rules now! We went like ohhhhh.

The new Rules:

  • No more winners based on share prices. Only Economic value created matters.
  • No more crappy team names like BUDBAK. Your organisation name should be meaningful.
  • 50% weightage to the vision and mission statement and how you would apply porter’s five principles
Now the BUDBAKS went really BUDBAK. What the hell is Economic Value created? Who is Porter and I don’t give a damn about his five principles. For God’s sake I have my own principles!
But then it was a game and we had to play by the rules. Back to room at 1AM just to google about Porter and his five principles. Fag. Again porter. Fag. Google Economic value created. Fag. Copy some vision and mission statement.Fag. Check the time 7Am. Sleep. Alarm. Snooze. 9AM. Off to competion.
Finals had 6 rounds totally. Just 8 teams. All of them fighting for 1 lakh. There was also the new concept to taking over another company introduced for the finals wherein another company can buy out their competitors. We didn’t bother much about it for two reasons one we were sure we won’t be such a big company to buy our competitors and second we did not know what to do after we buy a company. So we just thought we will stick to our strategies.

But to everyone’s surprise we topped the top 8 list, for first 5 rounds. Then the bigger surprise we lost it. Yes we lost the damn lakh rupees because some Jackass team played some cheap internal tricks to buy out our team. We walked away being the losers, becoming the jackasses!

Done. It’s over, moved on!

P.S: No time to post this for quite sometime life has kept me busy. I didn’t even review the draft. So excuse me for any crap or boring stuff posted. Timezone is a bummer!

P.P.S: For those who lost track of the first part, go to hell!


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