Life and its Randomness….

How random life got over the past few months.  The reason for this blog now, me and my friends who made Pune their home for the last couple of years are moving on with Life. Moving to different cities and with new stuff to do. Lots of changes in so little time…hmmm.

Few months earlier we, me and my friends, were just sitting in our room drinking Budweiser and Carlsberg (few bastards like Carlsberg better than Bud) talking about our ex’s and absolutely having no clue of what we are going to do for life. We didn’t know whether we got bored with our current work or we enjoyed our work, but we just wanted to do something big because everyone around were doing, at least we felt so, something better. We kept talking about girls, marriage, love, job and some stuff I can’t recall. Well it was just another beer talk!

From that beer talk to now lots have changed.

The gang for coffee at work kept reducing, the farewell parties kept increasing, the farewell gift trend had to be discontinued because there were more people to get the gift than to give it.  My life happenings over the past month viewed as category clouds….

MOCK TESTS interviews pubs MBA ENTRANCE TESTS PUBS  gdpi rejects BYE-BYE’s confusion INCREASE IN ROOM RENT more confusion FUTURE PLANS onsite trip MBA ADMIT friends moving out MY FIRST RESIGNATION

If I just rewind back now and see the random stuff that happened, somehow the dots connect. The surprise life throws on us is the fun of Life though I get irritated with the fact our plans doesn’t work always as we expect it to. But hang on what’s the fun if everything works as per the plan we jot down on some To-Do notes or in some planner or just a mental note. It would be so boring. Just keep the clouds coming after all we never know the bigger picture. Come on, if you were God will you let the mortal humans know the plan. Won’t you like to have fun before you could give the all Happy Ending! So God is sweet and he just switches off the lights to throw another surprise party!!!!!!!!

P.S: I am all excited about India vs Pakistan war/cricket tomorrow.

Plan: Watch it on 51″ big screen home theater.

Threat: Rains.

Bigger Picture:  (think)


11 thoughts on “Life and its Randomness….

  1. Gud one..Proud to be d Bastard!! 😛 ..Will miss dose sessions though!
    ..Atleast ur MBA pursuit doesn require mre changes like house hunting/job chg!!It sucks big time..Lucky u 😉

  2. Hmmm .. even god loves surprising ppl u see 😉 😀 …

    N enough of ur experiences.. waiting for something of ur thoughts..

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