Travel or Blah blah blah…

All bags packed. Final sanity done to make sure nothing is left back. All To Do items checked! And there comes my train, I go and check the passenger chart just to make sure my name is there, hell no, checking it to try my luck and see whether there is any 22 F sitting in my bay next to my berth! Shouting Yay inside my heart, I see a 21 F on the chart and I walk fast towards my berth just to see a cute girl sitting next to the window and giving a smile seeing me with the huge bags which I am carrying with a lot of difficulty. And I get settled down and practicing my pick up lines inside, look up and she says Hi!



******************************BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP*****************************


Arghhh, it was another dream which never comes true! Yes, I have traveled many times in almost all modes of transport from Bus, trains to flights but it never happens. You know, it never happens. I know many of my friends are so happy that it never happened with me. I am equally happy that it never happened with you bastards!! 😀

Never a girl of your age or a little younger never travels right next to your berth. You hear stories of friends of friends hooking up with girls or girls hooking up with guys whom they had met on some travel but damn that guy or that friend is never you! Call it Murphy’s law or Just Your Luck but you THE TRAVEL never happens.

Call it frustration or call it being jobless (Being Vetti ;)) I was just sitting on the couch sipping a bear trying to classify the co-travelers whom I usually meet on my travel.

Group: 1: The I don’t give a Fuck type!

These people are more common on Bus travel or train travel. They are the people who usually don’t give a fuck what you think or what you feel. They will be the über cool travelers, who the moment they enter the train, change to their dhoti’s or lungis and will be roaming around in their vests (baniyans!). They yawn right on your face (gets worse when they have not brushed or the travel is for more than 24 hours). They eat like they have never seen food before. They talk loud on phone. They keep playing music on their Carbon mobile so that none else sleeps. They keep their slippers over the fan and they never switch off the lights! Good air travel is faster, depriving people time to change and be comfortable,  else you will get to meet these cool people there too!

Group:2: National Snoring competition winners!

Yes, I don’t think I need to elaborate on this one. Any mode of transport, you can see for sure some person who snores. Who snores to bring the entire roof down. Who snores in DTS effect and you feel like there is some kind of surround sound so that you keep hearing it. They follow a pattern as well in snoring, after all, you feel they must be some national award winners in snoring. Sometimes, it reduces and you try to doze off they increase their decibel. There you lie down without sleep, wondering why there is no Olympic event for snoring!

Group:3: Senior Citizens!

Now don’t bring a frown on your faces. I know it’s the age but still accept it guys, it’s hard to travel to with old people. The only F, if there is any F near your berth in the passenger chart, will be 50 or 60 years old! They either keep coughing or they keep wanna switch off the lights even if they are off or they keep doing the sshhh or they have a bad cold! Yes you help them and all that stuff but seriously its hard every time to travel with Senior citizens who want to exchange their seats or who wanna help them with their luggage.

Group:4: Crying Babies!!

And this is one common thing which everyone will hate. I mean everyone except the parent of the baby. Sometimes it feels like as if the baby is just there staring at you, waiting for you to fall asleep and just when you are about to get into deep sleep the line between being awake and sleeping then the baby cries. It cries so hard that it desperately wants you to get out of the pleasure of sleeping. And it turns out every time the baby wins. Next time, I am going to walk up to the baby and say I give up, you kids win. I am not sleeping in my travel anymore. The worse part, the cry war begins if there are more than one kid, each trying to out beat the other in decibel levels!

Group:5: The Rest!

Apart from the above prominent one’s the other miscellaneous ones are like the Window starers, the Washroom users (I mean frequent use, really frequent), the nonstop nonsense makers, the XXL’ers, the girl whom you wished didn’t sit next to you and the girl that you wish will wake up from her sleep.

There maybe many more types but I feel these are the most annoying and standing out types!

To all those lucky bastards out there I give a fuck!


14 thoughts on “Travel or Blah blah blah…

  1. Hahaah! good one.. my exp’s
    1. the snoring category! man – I once wore headphones so loud to not get disturbed and the next day was woken up by an angry railway worker with a broom hitting the chain of my berth..only to notice I didnt realize it was 30 min since the train arrived and he s been trying to wake me up for the past 10 min 😛
    2. The not-so-smart-creepy guys who try to open conversations with you and when you are just happy that you got off the train and nvr to see him again, you see a frnd request on FB! creepiest!
    3. ladies with a big bunch f jasmine flowers on their head that gives u a big headache and more worse when they sleep on the upper berth, the flowers keep falling on your face grrrr
    4. Children- Somehow i am always caught up with parents who torture their kids to show off !

  2. feelings at its peak blog !! but really true n u have brought it out nicely .. u directly generalised abt the lucky ones machi .. ther r a few black sheeps who get lucky all d time .. they atleast use their chances .. ther r a few who ll get d chance n ll be like i am a saint and flirting with a gal i meet is not my cup of tea .. i wana kill those assoles .. i know if that black sheep reads this blog he ll smirk for a second .. n u forgot one more situ machi wich v generally faced.. the gal who came in ur dream wud b in d next coupe .. n a nerd who prepares for CAT n reads freakonomics ll pick up dat gal in front of us n go for a ramp walk..

  3. lol.. gud one..Some categories can be driven from real life…
    Other categories you left-
    1.Ppl ho get THE CHANCE and dont know how to utilize it by asking silly,boring questions 😀
    2.Also some ppl who just pounce on the situation so hard ,leaving an impression on such gals whom dey later realise to be ur friend’s crush/… 😀
    @Kau-Control ur emotions da .. I can understand about those ppl u r talkin abt..m n ur side..Shud kill dem 😛

    @Rak-Finally somethg different 😉 ..How come no flowcharts dis time 😉 😀 ??

  4. Good one as usual 🙂 the crying babies is the most irritating part! esp the very small ones as if ppl have to travel when they are so small!

    • haha funny tink of puttin a comin bubble to the kid travelling!!!…
      Kid: y the heck are you carryin me..i don wanna travel
      but they see me they ll be like yes now i know y u want me to travel!! 😀

  5. true.. to add girls get some different experiences too..

    jus like some irritating guy staring at u irrespective of ur parents travelling with you..n u cant even slap them.

  6. Good one Raak…everyone can sympathize with u on this topic,coz travel is unavoidable!My least favorite fellow travelers r (1) when im travelling alone, the ones who try to strike unnecessary conversation when I’m tryin to listen to music or sleep (2)when im travelling with a group,the ones who keep shushing and complaining!!!

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