The Grass on the other side!!

Thanks to the late night walk with my friends after we were drunk last week, that walk brought in wonderful memories back and the idea for this blog!

I was thinking about the blog just before my Operations exam so please excuse the poor humor content and sleepy writing style. I will sure try to Max. (Humor) using Linear Programming Model next time when I master it! Also, giving an exam that too the so-called semester exams after 3 yrs break in your life is kinda weird. Read the post by replacing I with we. Both are replaceable!

When I was a kid I used to feel so bad when my mom used to take a half ticket for me. I wanted to grow up faster at least to be a full ticket, faster so that some random stranger on phone doesn’t think you are woman speaking to him. ( He goes like, “Hello madam, can I blah blah”. It is even more embarrassing to tell am not a Madam. So I should try to keep up the girly voice consciously or is it unconsciously!) . I wonder whether it is just me or everyone felt the same when we were kids. I had no homework to worry about but still I wanted to grow so that I can get to eat chewing gum and ride a bicycle to school. So the greener grass was being a full ticket from a half ticket.

Then you had all the options to have fun being in school. Be it the first love, street cricket, hide and seek with the apartment kids in the night (fuck, that was fun we used to exchange shirts to screw the guy who has to seek!), the one rupee Pepsi cola, the cricket cards of Big fun, the WWE trump cards (the concept of clash was a killer), the toss for cricket matches with a small stone (in-a out-a :D), the Rs.10 rubber ball, 5Rs. plastic balls and the 30Rs. tennis balls, kalla-a manna-a anchu nimisam wait (for all non tamil friends that’s a game we play translated into stone-a or sand-a 5 mins wait!), the happiness when the school shuts down for rains and of course the strange caller doesn’t think you are a female anymore. But still I wanted to grow up faster and get out of school for the main reason of exams. Somehow I was made to believe that we just need to work hard till 12th exams after that it is gonna be a cake walk. Believe me I am still searching for that cake to walk! The greener grass was college life!!

After being in college, you have all the fun right from acting cool by taking just a single note-book to the class or for the entire semester, bunking classes and not having to give a leave letter, first breakup and acting the Romeo of the college like Madhavan of Alaipayuthey (Non tamil guys, Oberoi of Saathiya!), getting introduced to a new world called Alcohol, boozing and kupara paduthing (lying flat on your belly) and most importantly the freedom of not wearing uniforms anymore.  Still with all this, I wanted the farther green grass, able to work and be on my own with my money.

Time came where I was all on my own having a job in a hot place (not the weather ;)) and a not so shabby income to spend. Another breakup and fall in love again, having all the fun of pubbing, having able to spend weekends doing nothing, no exams or no classes to feel guilty about, no worry of asking your parents for pocket-money and of course you need not ask your parent’s permission for going anywhere or staying out the whole night! Drink, Roam, blog and Update FB statuses. You start missing the college days, exam tensions and late night aratai sessions! The closest you get to an exam in your work life is an appraisal meeting because both the places you don’t know what is going on and the outcome is not going to change!  I again felt the other side was greener and the rosy picture this time was post graduation. Blame it on the wotha wommalley friends studying in IIM’s or so for their status updates and photo updates made the picture more rosier!

After doing all the pain and taking all the shit of mock exams you end up in some B school. Yeah that’s the rule do some engineering then work then get bored with work and then do MBA, I don’t know why but that is the way it works! Then it all becomes assignments, projects, case studies, FCQ’s, tests and 3 hours of sleep! The condition worsens when you think of the past the glorious days of boozing and throwing out in some pubs to your current status of checking the price before ordering, buffet brunches to the monotonic mess menu and of course the GenZ crowd to add the icing on the cake. Breakup yet again and none else to fall in love with apart from the profs who lets you get a proxy. Pheww Grass is never green so just smoke it and feel good!

P.S: The break ups and make ups are general cases 😉


15 thoughts on “The Grass on the other side!!

  1. i gues guys wud b able to identify better wid this (for example, i never felt insecure abt my voice ;)),but sm parts made me feel pretty nostalgic..breakup yet again and none else to fall in love with?ahem we’ll see! 😉 kickass ending line BTW :D…n overall nice post 🙂

    • seriosuly man…clash s mind blowin n v used to take it to the next level by just showin the card to others and not opening the mouth if its a hulk hogan or undertaker card!!! 😀

  2. what’s ur “The Grass on the other side!!” now in this B’School ?? Job, placement, love again or something else ………………………………………………………

    …….”Really nice”

  3. Raak- Love this da..I have 2 questions :P.. Knowing the baritone you have, did u still have that girly voice :P, and wats FCQs ,

    Anyways, Brilliant blog da…makes me feel good that i am not the only one being so miserable.

    The last line is a BOMB da…The new alcoholic in me, makes me appreciate the last line, havent weeded much tho!! 🙂 🙂

  4. I can empathize with this blog word by word.. Well written.. I guess retired life would be the greenest of all, but old age would be a problem.. So retiring at 40 is the best option what say?

  5. Unusually , this time its an overall nice post da.. was vry reminiscing !! UG Clg life is d best part of ur life .. u gonna feel dat within u always..

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