Alcohol Allies

Drunk Star
Drunk Star (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All of us, I mean fellow drunkards, have a certain group with which we are comfortable drinking. It’s not that we can’t drink with random strangers we just prefer to drink with certain people unless the alcohol is free. I was trying to think and dissect why it is that few  people make it to the drinking partner zone and others don’t. Actually there are few characteristics of people who when combined with alcohol causes certain reactions. So basically it is how tolerant we are to these reactions or how amusing these reactions are decides the social drinking circle!Here are a dozen amusing reactions that I have come across, few present in my social drinking circle or the so-called Beer Buddies!

The DEV-D:

Some guys keep talking about their sad love life, their past, their future, their plans of becoming a sage and so on. They keep telling everyone in the table how the entire thing of going behind a girl is “Maya” and how The Monk who had sold his Ferrari related with this idea…sighh..What I wonder is why none ever tells to change the topic or to shut up which wouldn’t have been the case without alcohol.

The Wall:

These guys can keep drinking quietly with just a smile on their face. They just need some alcohol and a glass. They don’t care who is puking nearby, who is crying, who is dancing, who is shouting, who is getting angry. They can just finish the drinks, the dinner and pay the bill. But thanks to these guys they help in making sure the entire group reaches home after drinks and then they go home and sleep as if nothing happened.

The Actor:

There are two types of drunkards: one who get drunk others who act drunk. Atleast one guy will be there in the group who will act as if he is super drunk and there is very little blood in alcohol inside his body. He will do something stupid just to make the Blender’s Proud. But sometimes actors can get really drunk and can end up in blood shed or doing something that must not be mentioned!

The ABCD guy:

AnyBody Can Dance movie title will be true with these people. They start dancing showing off their weird moves, bringing on their Salsa, folk dance, shoulder dance, tap dance or some even just lie on the floor and dance!

The Romeo:

These people want to talk about their prospective girl friends and get advice on how to make her real girlfriend though they know that half of the table is filled with single guys who can’t get a girl friend for themselves. The single guys also can go on and on giving their valuable tips right from every little thing to how the entire universe is waiting for them to get together.

The Loudmouth:

They keep talking non stop in high volume making the entire bar know that we are drunk! They can even stand up on the table and shout so that the entire bar knows exactly how much money he needs to pay his bill!

The Oxford Return:

Some guys start talking in English Only after Mr. Monk goes in. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between desert and dessert but now they can even translate Tirukkural in English.

The Singer:

Incase while drinking by any chance if a song that comes on TV is known, alcohol can give the impression that you have the same voice as that comes on TV. These people will start singing along with the same lyrics, with awesome face expressions but only with unbearable (or sometimes feel like killing yourself) voice!

The Angry Young Man:

Everyone gets angry and takes revenge if the person is weaker, forgets the incident if you can’t do anything and acts like you have forgiven things. But alcohol does this peculiar thing of bringing back bad memories and making people more angrier. The problem is that they forget they didn’t do anything earlier because of the fact that they can’t do anything. But now with Knock out going in they start thinking that they can knock out anyone and take their revenge. That’s the beginning of a funny story that would be told over and over post drinks!

The Mr. I can’t hold my drink:

Every group will have this one person who will want to get sloshed with drinks. They keep drinking round after round just to realize their body has lost count and now their dinner wants to take a walk outside. Then the rest of the night becomes history in washroom with all the pukings and showers!

The Confessionist:

Everyone has some secrets. But alcohol as this awesome capacity to bring all the secrets to table. Some people just start feeling that there shall be no secrets and think they can bring world peace by confessing their secrets. They start telling all stories that they wish they hadn’t told the next day morning!

The Ladkibaaz:

All guys drinking session is never complete without this guy. He starts talking about the girls, how he wants to take his colleague out for drinks, how he likes the girl who came in the elevator with him and then he officially starts the guys favorite countdown 😉

Well, with girls the guys don’t drink much they just act drunk most of the times to blame it on the alcohol if something bad happens else they can say they are not drunk to drive the girls home. So excuse me for not mentioning the reactions of girls or guy’s reactions with girls in the group 😉


5 thoughts on “Alcohol Allies

  1. rofl.. i clearly see how u got this experience after seeing some of ur “quotes” … But show how big ur circle is ;).. Nice read!

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