The final mistake-The sweetest of all

I know many of the few readers of my blog are pissed off with the mistake series..but guys this is the last one…seriously. The first mistake was done by my parents, the next one by me so now I had to find someone else to blame it on. None else other than The Almighty. ahem ahem…Please forgive me Lord this mistake is on you.  The sweetest mistake is God creating me as a Boy. Come on guys now don’t start imagining stuff. This blog is just for fun purpose and does not intend any hidden intentions or motives and is not judgemental. Now being done with the disclaimers, lets start the stuff.

Why I feel being born as a boy is a mistake. The first words about me in some hospital in Chennai “Congrats…You have got a baby boy” would have had my parents celebrating but may have left me cursing God for giving me a ***** . Fine the thought process behind this blog. It’s not because the number of scraps if your gender is F in Orkut touches four figures(or even more) and it’s not because you get a lot of gifts in Farmville if your gender is F. It’s this incident that happened when I went around clicking some pics in my office campus and the security was like as if am Kasab’s successor shouted and showed the sign showing Photography prohibited. I was like little embarrassed and while walking back saw the same security guard taking some pics for a girl!!

Girls, the so-called fairer sex gets advantage in everything. Right from reservation in Parliaments to the seating in a bus.  Everywhere they get extra benefits I don’t know why. Well I will take few examples and illustrate my point:

Example: 1: Guy learns to drive a car, stops in the red lights of the traffic. Couldn’t start off once the lights are green. Everyone on the road starts shouting. You could get to hear new swearing words. Some even try to feel your shirt collars. BUT if it was a girl she gets free learning classes and guys even push the car to help her. grrrr…

Example:2: Guy enters a pub. Bouncers charge him more saying Stags separate charge. Girls get to enter free and they even get free drinks!

Example:3: Huge queue for security check in at the airport. Guys need to stand in the queue even if his flight is 5 min from take off. Girls get to have a separate empty queue even if their flight is hours away from take off.

(You guys should check that I have quoted only 3 examples…relating with the 3rd mistake ;))

Well the list of examples is never-ending. The moral remains the same.

How many times have you seen people (including Men and Women) helping a Man in some situation?

How many times have you seen men seated in Ladies’ seats in a public transport?

How many times have you seen men sitting at home and women working their ass off?

Well guys, I am sorry lets face it we are the poor souls. We have to fight hard in this unfair world. We don’t have much option. We cannot act dumb and still end up being called as cute. We cannot be puny and be called as size zero. We cannot be fat and be called as chubbyyyy. We cannot like bright colors without the risk of being called as Gay. We cannot start a fight and end up getting convinced by the other party. We cannot sound sexy by misspelling words like so sweet (choo shweet). We cannot be attractive by driving without sense of direction.

Lets have a look from the other side. Imagine we (Guys) do not have what we have and we have what we do not have. The world opens up. I can start a “natak” if a guy pops up the “question” and say I never thought you will do this. (Guys can never do that). I can waste all my teens and end up selecting someone from a group of NRI’s to spend the rest of my life. I can opt to sit at home and spend the entire money earned by the He of the family. I can pass on all my work to some jackass by just saying a plissshhhh. I can have hours and hours of conversation with just a missed call. I won’t be called crazy if give names to some soft toy.

Whatever at the end of the day I am really glad about this mistake. I am happy I enjoy watching sports. I am happy I need not spend hours and hours of getting ready. I am happy lying down and staring at the roof with absolutely nothing in my mind. I am happy that I can be humorous. I am happy making decisions for myself. I am happy with the burps and beers!

I am happy with this mistake. I am happy being a Guy. The sweetest mistake!

* All characters and incidents in this write-up are fictional. Any resemblance to anyone may or may not be intentional. No offense meant!


The second mistake!

While I was cursing myself for the first mistake the phase of Higher Secondary Schooling started. Everyone around you ask the same question, Engineering or Medicine. I never knew there were other stuff for living apart from this. I was wondering what I really wanted to do and switched on the TV, saw some doctor speaking about some surgery with a guy’s stomach slit open. Dude your intestines are on TV!! (I definitely didn’t want to come on TV with someone’s intestines. )

That was the moment, sitting under the fan(no Bodi Tree near my house) enlightened me. I changed the channel and found some news on some Engineer getting laurels for India. God wanted me to an engineer.  Sighhh… how I wish FTV came up when I changed the channel but I had only doordarshan.

Fine, now analyzing the mistake part of the whole stuff. I never had any interest in Engineering nor in Medicine. I really didn’t know what to do with life guys. I just wanted to have fun. I selected B.E (Hons.) Electrical and Electronics. Yes. My Bad.

BITS Goa was the place. It had the huge responsibility of developing India through an engineer like me. First day started at 6AM. Queue in the bathroom. (India is really lucky so many Engineers doing their morning stuff without water!!) 730AM Breakfast 755AM first class…err..lecture. (I am an engineer now on so my lingo should be professional) Awesome AC class room and soothing lecture. Perfect for a nap! This continued and then the in me started, crap with this system. foot. I went and joined the CGPA Sucks community in Orkut. ahhhh. Life is great. (no more 6AM queue) No more morning lectures. Then I realized I should join the Bunking classes community, that should make me a cool engineer!

Life moved on fast like a flicker book. Lots of courses and lots of friends. I was happy for the latter and felt bad for the former since I paid no attention to it.

The Chronological order was:

(please do not ask what Goa stands for)

Sem 1: Find new friends.

Sem2: Explore the place.Goa.Hangout.Goa.

Sem3: Find a GF! 😉 Goa.

Sem4: Get a Comp.Goa.LAN games. Goa.

Sem5:CGPA is less.. :(. Goa

Sem6: CGPA is still less and this time it hurts. Decide to quit Goa.

Sem7: Unjoined from CGPA sucks and joined PS2 community.Started Goa again.

Sem8: Job…zzzz…..break up….zzzz….Farewell!!

It was one roller coaster ride; friends, friends group, friends gang,became college Rowdies, Gang wars, college skits, Tamil Sangam, DJ nights, so-called Gals(it just refers to my batch gals from my college, others no offense), BH1, Common Room, Mess food, night out for studying, copying, copying the wrong formula in the bit you carry for an exam, your friend takes off your bit and leaves the exam hall, copying in SMS (Hail Engineering!), late night “aratais”, walks around the campus, Lab reports, VIVA’s, Road Trips, begging Profs for marginal B grades, praying for a tough paper and keep up the image with your relatives, neighbors, people you may know, people you don’t know that being a 6 pointer in BITS is equivalent to be a University topper in any other institute (loved the attention I used to get back in Chennai :P).

Finally, I realized how important is CGPA a little late though. I had no clue what the Electrical and Electronics meant in the degree behind my name. I also fell in the same drain of IT, Software Engineers. As my first mistake went,this was also one hell of a fun ride. Happy I did this mistake too. People thought I was the engineer that India is waiting for. In the End, if it had not been for this mistake maybe I would have ended up as nobody.

P.S:  The first mistake still had its after effects. Boys school—>Co-ed college. Expectations soaring. High disappointment. Depression. Goa.

P.P.S: Cliche: My Junior batch gals were too good!

The 3 mistakes of my Life..the First one

Well this is not my take on Chetan Bhagat’s 3 mistakes of my life or a review on that because I never read books. I was just thinking about that book title and wondering what it would mean in my Life and bam the idea of blogging.

The first mistake in my life is Studying in a Boys School. Yes, you read it right. It’s a grave mistake, actually not mine but my parent’s mistake. Maybe they felt some where that Raak is not fit for co-education or they thought like our sweet kid may lose his ways if put in a co-education school. Either way I am the loser. I am trying to analyse the decision and dissect it now in this post.

Scene 1: Conversation between my mom and dad (purely fictional)

Mom: It’s high time we shortlist the schools for our kid.

Dad: hmmm….

Mom: How about a christian school where in he can learn the religious values?

Dad: right as if…

Mom: Should it be a co-ed one?

Dad: No, that may spoil our kid. We shouldn’t be the reasons for any sort of distraction that can come in his studies. (damn there are no “good” co-ed schools in Chennai…Nothin is better than nonsense !!)

Maybe that’s how my parents decided to put me in a boys school. Anyways till I was in 7th or 8th I never cared about that much. Later you know science and nature does a lot of “something” on you where in you start thinking and wondering about the other sex for most of the time. Then you get a group for yourself, where all the guys talk about Good looking teachers, Girls school and probably Girls in their neighborhood. Lucky few have Good looking teachers, fewer more with a Girls school near their school and the luckiest of all have girls in their neighborhood too. I don’t remember to which category I belonged then but I was lucky.

We used to go and stand outside girls school for no reason just feeling the hormones running wild for sometime. The rule is you have to decide some girl whose name or any other details that you usually fill up in the about me column of Orkut or Info Section of Facebook you wont know and select her as your “Aalu” (Girlfriend in tamil). For the rest of the academic year you have to show your fidelity. That used to be real fun.
Then gradually when you understand the changes that took place in you and realize its not science in general that had changed but biology is the culprit that brought this change in you, you get to go to the next level. The scene where in you go and talk with the gal. Man those were the days. Since you are from a boys school talking to a gal makes you a stud back but the problem is you won’t know where and how to start. You go and ask for the time to her the first day, next day you will be treating your friends with 50p samosas for the bold move.
Now coming to the point, why is it a Bad mistake in my life. First you will end up getting high on adrenaline for all small glances after a long waiting time outside the girls school. This I feel is totally useless in the age of FB and Orkut. Second, you get the eww look when you carry out invitation for your school culturals. Ob who will want to come for a Boys school cultural. Next, you have a feeling that studying in Boys school makes you more masculine or “gethu” which is wrong. If a girl is from a girls school or convent it gives you the feeling she is THE girl. If a guy is from a Boys school you end up giving the impression Huh!
Whatever…My dad was not aware of the Shisya’s, PSBB’s, Vidya Mandir’s while he decided to do good for me. Also I realized that Mistakes turn out to be good for me. I had lots of fun in the DAV’s (who needs the Church Park or PSBB’s we have our own “babes”). I have a lot of friends who even made a serious commitment in life with some girl he used to go and speak in “the standing outside Girls School sessions”.
After all you can’t afford mistakes when you are old. So I started off with the first one, studying in a Boys school. Though I regret it for some reasons, I bet you can never have the fun in any other co-ed schools, atleast Chennai co-ed schools.