25* not out….

Probably this is one of the many posts on internet on Quarter life crisis but I give a damn, I need to write one on this. I always felt quarter life crisis was little over rated until my recent (read it 4 months back) visit to Bangalore for my UG friends reunion.

This phase of life is really a bad part, you are caught in between two worlds. You can’t accept the fact that you are growing old and at the same time you can’t be a part of the younger generation too. You feel that the 90’s, so-called Gen Z’s, way of thinking is too amateurish to accept nor the way your elders expect you to be is totally unrealistic. Whatever was cool during our golden days are not cool anymore. Definition of boozing has changed from throwing out to getting hurt after being drunk, definition of dating has changed from awesome dinners to awesome breakfasts, definition of bunking classes has changed from proxies to changing the faculty and lot more thought process changes happened in just three years. You suddenly become the oldie and matured guy where people can’t believe you could have been the crazy guy once upon a time. But back home still you are the good for nothing lazy laid back guy who doesn’t know what to do with life!

You don’t want to do a 9 to 5 job so you go back to a B-school only to realize you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. You don’t want to be in a serious relationship so soon only to realize the entire meaning of relationship has changed these days.

Once you turn 25, things change:

  • All elders around you start expecting that you have a perfect career planned out.
  • Your parents start joking about your marriage  when you still haven’t shaved since your last breakup!
  • You realize that your drinking capacity has reduced but you blame it on “i-don’t-like-acting-stupid-getting-drunk”.
  • You can suddenly feel that there are no single girls around. If there are, they see you like uncles and bhaiya or rakhi bahiyas.
  • You never understand why you wanted to do whatever you are doing now.
  • You realize that rather than knowing what you want to do you will know what you don’t want to do.
  • You feel that people around you are having a ball either by changing jobs for a better pay or updating FB albums and relationship status after getting engaged or married.
  • You talk only about girls from your college who got married or committed with some “palak” types guy.
  • You long for your wonderful past or crib about your future in all your beer sessions!
  • You start covering your scalp which says “Hi” due to hair fall or you count the number of gray hairs which you wish didn’t exist.
  • All your ex girl friends have a new guy or has got married to a guy who is rich and living abroad.
  • Though you pretend not to worry about your package, at the bottom of your heart you feel you are worth more!
  • Small kids in the neighborhood start calling you “Uncle get the ball please!”
  • You don’t want yourself to be called orthodox or traditional but you are not open and you have your own idea of preserving culture and all that comes along with it.
  • You have all the advice on relationship yet you know you will end up with arranged marriage!
  • The number of Facebook updates you do is inversely proportional to the time you spend on Facebook.

I don’t know why I am writing in bullets. Probably that’s the after effect of lot of PPT.

Whatever be it, this phase of life too will have a lot of stories to tell!


12 lessons from 12 Angry Men

I recently saw this movie “12 Angry Men” and was cursing myself for not seeing it before. Sleep is a bitch it doesn’t come when you need it, especially when you have a 9AM class in the morning, you never get to sleep before 4AM. So I started this movie around 330AM in the morning thinking that I can fall asleep at least watching this black and white movie. At the end of it, time was 530AM and I was speechless. A single room, only 20 people were the total cast of the movie but WOW. The lessons to learn from this are a dozen which I have listed down.

Angry Men
Lessons from them!

Spoiler Alert. If you want the lessons read the headings alone, if you want the examples of where all the lessons can come into play read the description as well!

1. What seems obvious need not be true/correct

You realize this rule the moment you mark the first option as an answer for a multiple choice question thinking that it is the obvious answer but it is never the correct answer. 😛

2. Believe in your instincts.

Sometimes, you mark an answer instinctively but then you go back to it do a lot of thinking over it, use your “Brain” and then change it just to get it wrong. So always go with your instincts.

3. Stand up for what you believe.

If you believe in something please stand up for it but not when you are too drunk!

4. Don’t let your prejudice influence your decisions.

If you don’t like a subject fine but do read for the subject before exam. Your decision of not reading because of your prejudice against the subject will result in heavy prayers just before the results.

5. Pay attention to details.

Check the minute details in the bill at a restaurant after you eat. Always there is this one plate of extra chicken tikka or one extra beer which you never had in the bill.

6. Accept the facts even if they are against your beliefs.

You may strongly believe that you can write an entire report for the assignment on your own. But accept the fact and don’t waste time use GOOGLE.

7. Nothing wrong in changing your decision than hanging on to a bad one.

You see your neighbor’s answer paper and the answer is different from yours then please go ahead and change it. Don’t stick on to yours!

8. Give others a chance to explain their stand.

Your friend would have made the biggest mistake of not inviting you for a beer party or of not sharing the question paper with you on the previous night of an exam but give him a chance to explain before bashing him up.

9. Take a risk, it pays off.

Bunk a class sometimes though you hear rumours of in class evaluation, you may have missed the most boring lecture which had no in class evaluation but you would have had the best 2 hours of sleep!

10. Getting angry doesn’t help

If you are caught copying in an exam, plead don’t get angry!

11. Have concern for others.

If all are planning for mass bunk co-operate with everyone and make it happen. You may not gain anything but a little concern for others will help!

12. Have Hope.

Have hope that you will get a job that you like!

P.S: Here goes my usual Post Script notes, the blog in no means tries to make fun of the movie 12 Angry Men. I really enjoyed watching it and it is truly one of the classics of all time. If you had not seen it I strongly recommend you to watch it.
P.P.S: However, the lessons above will hold true in all cases but the experiences may not. Strict advisory and parental control is suggested if you are trying out the experience. If you had read only the headings scroll up and read the descriptions ,then come back to the PPS.

Why Harry met…

Harry: You realize of course that we could never be friends.
Sally: Why not?
Harry: What I'm saying is — and this is not a come-on in any way, shape or form — is that men and women can't be friends because the sex part always gets in the way.
Sally: That's not true. I have a number of men friends and there is no sex involved.
Harry: Because no man can be friends with a woman that he finds attractive. He always wants to have sex with her.
Sally: So you're saying that a man can be friends with a woman he finds unattractive?
Harry: No, you pretty much want to nail 'em too.

This blog is inspired from the above lines. Not like I am an anti-valentine day enthusiast nor like I just saw the movie yesterday nor like I never had any friends who are girls nor like I hate girls nor like I am saying Guys are sex maniacs but all I am doing is just trying to put my views across for why guys and girls can never be friends.

Reason 1: SEX

Friendship starts when you meet someone, go talk and find out you have common interests. A guy when he goes and talks to a girl (stranger) he had either found the girl attractive or he thought that the girl found him attractive. This is what is commonly called “Hitting on a girl”. So the first step of friendship in itself is by sexual attraction. The guy secretly is waiting for a chance to take the friendship with the girl to the next level and one can be more sure of the same when he out-rightly negates and says we are just “friends”. With no further explanation required we have proved “Guys and Girls can never be friends”.

Reason 2: MARRIAGE:

You may seem to be the best of friends with a girl, no attraction etc. etc. but once the girl gets her wedding invitation and few weeks later she gets married and BOOM. Friendship is gone. No more catching up, no more meeting, no more eating out, no more phone calls and no more Friendship.

Reason 3: THE BREAK UP:

All is well till “THE BREAK UP” happens. It can be a break up for the guy or the girl who were friends till now but the result is the same. If it is a girl the guy friend seems to be the most noble man on earth for the girl and faster than you know the friendship blooms into something more. Also the guy will do exactly the only thing which the girl’s ex boyfriend refused to do for her. BAZINGA! If it is the guy who is out from the break up it will take little more time because guys go to booze first and then look for their next girl friend. 😉


One can argue that, if there is a group of guys and girls they can be just friends. In every group there will be people who are more close to some in the group, than the rest. So eventually this closeness will cause at least one guy and one girl to be more than just “friends”. So once this happens we come back to our rule but wait other guys in the group can argue that we are still friends with the girl. Here comes the harsh truth, I strongly feel only 1% of the relationships reach marriage. So the couples in the group are bound to break up after brief relationship and the group breaks leaving the friendship in the group broken. So leaving us with the fact no guys and girls are friends.

There is the other interesting case of mutual friend as well, where in you can just say she is my best friend’s friend so I am just her friend and nothing more. This is the most common and sure case of the mutual friendship going to the next level for all reasons mentioned in the post. So we are back to “Guys and Girls can never be friends”.

Reason 5: ALCOHOL.

Alcohol is the bond between a group of guys and it is the launch pad for the next level from friendship between a guy and a girl. A guy and a girl arguing to be best friends, meet over eat, drink (social drinking ;)) chat and then ….. the friendship is gone. No wonder Alcohol is highly inflammable and between the cotton (guy) and fire (girl) all that was needed was alcohol. Hence we are back to square one “Guys and Girls can never be friends”.


Group of Guys: Dude, accept she is your girl friend!!!
Guy: Guys, no she is already committed and her BF is in ..... and he is doing ...... so she does not see me that way nor do I.

This is the most lame argument for this topic of “She is just my friend”. A girl will always need an ear to hear and a shoulder to cry on. No offence meant for anyone but that’s the nature. The girl will want to tell something as small as a mosquito biting her to her boyfriend but will not be able to so  because her boyfriend is busy (who can be really busy or can be flirting with some other girl in the name of healthy flirting). Here comes our guy friend to hear the story. She will be angry about her boyfriend not picking the call to hear this and our guy “friend” is there offering his ear/shoulder. Rest is all HIS-story. Now we know why long distance relationships never work.  Hence coming back to our original rule “Guy and Girl can never be friends”.

Reason 7: THE GIRL:

Even if a guy is, lets say, is just looking for friendship which will happen only when he is busy with another girl; so busy that he is not trying to hit on his friend (who is a girl). Things doesn’t end there. The girl confuses the relationship so much and the guy(her friend) starts to read it as signals from her (thanks to the Booze talk the guy has with the his friends around who assures that the girl is sending him signals). To quote one of my friend who often says “A guy is good only until he gets a chance”. He then goes back to Reason 1 and everything comes back to “Guy and Girl can never be friends”.

But who gives a damn, All is fair……if its worth it!! 🙂

2011 Rewind!!

Well yet another year comes to an end. It has been a great year. Lot of happenings, lot of things to ponder upon, lot of memories and yet again none of the resolutions for 2011 has been kept up. I don’t want to put up a huge lengthy paragraph of what I did and I what I did not or What I could have done and what I shouldn’t have done because I am not Steve Jobs or Chetan Bhagat so that people will be interested in reading about that.

This blog is mostly like a mental note to me, to save the memories. So I am putting it in form of clouds, the bigger the size the more impact it had on me. So here it goes just before boarding my flight to Chennai for New Years!


Bring it on 2012!!! 🙂

The Grass on the other side!!

Thanks to the late night walk with my friends after we were drunk last week, that walk brought in wonderful memories back and the idea for this blog!

I was thinking about the blog just before my Operations exam so please excuse the poor humor content and sleepy writing style. I will sure try to Max. (Humor) using Linear Programming Model next time when I master it! Also, giving an exam that too the so-called semester exams after 3 yrs break in your life is kinda weird. Read the post by replacing I with we. Both are replaceable!

When I was a kid I used to feel so bad when my mom used to take a half ticket for me. I wanted to grow up faster at least to be a full ticket, faster so that some random stranger on phone doesn’t think you are woman speaking to him. ( He goes like, “Hello madam, can I blah blah”. It is even more embarrassing to tell am not a Madam. So I should try to keep up the girly voice consciously or is it unconsciously!) . I wonder whether it is just me or everyone felt the same when we were kids. I had no homework to worry about but still I wanted to grow so that I can get to eat chewing gum and ride a bicycle to school. So the greener grass was being a full ticket from a half ticket.

Then you had all the options to have fun being in school. Be it the first love, street cricket, hide and seek with the apartment kids in the night (fuck, that was fun we used to exchange shirts to screw the guy who has to seek!), the one rupee Pepsi cola, the cricket cards of Big fun, the WWE trump cards (the concept of clash was a killer), the toss for cricket matches with a small stone (in-a out-a :D), the Rs.10 rubber ball, 5Rs. plastic balls and the 30Rs. tennis balls, kalla-a manna-a anchu nimisam wait (for all non tamil friends that’s a game we play translated into stone-a or sand-a 5 mins wait!), the happiness when the school shuts down for rains and of course the strange caller doesn’t think you are a female anymore. But still I wanted to grow up faster and get out of school for the main reason of exams. Somehow I was made to believe that we just need to work hard till 12th exams after that it is gonna be a cake walk. Believe me I am still searching for that cake to walk! The greener grass was college life!!

After being in college, you have all the fun right from acting cool by taking just a single note-book to the class or for the entire semester, bunking classes and not having to give a leave letter, first breakup and acting the Romeo of the college like Madhavan of Alaipayuthey (Non tamil guys, Oberoi of Saathiya!), getting introduced to a new world called Alcohol, boozing and kupara paduthing (lying flat on your belly) and most importantly the freedom of not wearing uniforms anymore.  Still with all this, I wanted the farther green grass, able to work and be on my own with my money.

Time came where I was all on my own having a job in a hot place (not the weather ;)) and a not so shabby income to spend. Another breakup and fall in love again, having all the fun of pubbing, having able to spend weekends doing nothing, no exams or no classes to feel guilty about, no worry of asking your parents for pocket-money and of course you need not ask your parent’s permission for going anywhere or staying out the whole night! Drink, Roam, blog and Update FB statuses. You start missing the college days, exam tensions and late night aratai sessions! The closest you get to an exam in your work life is an appraisal meeting because both the places you don’t know what is going on and the outcome is not going to change!  I again felt the other side was greener and the rosy picture this time was post graduation. Blame it on the wotha wommalley friends studying in IIM’s or so for their status updates and photo updates made the picture more rosier!

After doing all the pain and taking all the shit of mock exams you end up in some B school. Yeah that’s the rule do some engineering then work then get bored with work and then do MBA, I don’t know why but that is the way it works! Then it all becomes assignments, projects, case studies, FCQ’s, tests and 3 hours of sleep! The condition worsens when you think of the past the glorious days of boozing and throwing out in some pubs to your current status of checking the price before ordering, buffet brunches to the monotonic mess menu and of course the GenZ crowd to add the icing on the cake. Breakup yet again and none else to fall in love with apart from the profs who lets you get a proxy. Pheww Grass is never green so just smoke it and feel good!

P.S: The break ups and make ups are general cases 😉