Do we get to play our parts


Life Goes On


Over the years, I stopped writing blogs because of people (including me) thinking blogs are TLTR and because of the reason, I thought my blogs are not funny anymore (at least I thought it was funny earlier). One fine day came in a news rattling me, forcing me to think about life and how all the world’s a stage.

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts
  • Do we get to play all parts?
  • Do we even know all parts that are included in our character or included in the script?
  • We wait for our entrances (or so we think) but do we accept our exits?

To quote Sherlock Holmes series: “Everybody dies. It’s the one thing human beings can be relied upon to do.” Yet it comes in so surprisingly and it is so hard to accept. Is it because that it is unpredictable or is it because of the fact that we are ill-planned to overcome the loss or is it because we feel our part is still not done?

Though I wish, none of us should go through the experience of having to loose a loved one, I am sure everyone has come across the loss of a loved one. The shock when you hear/see it, the tears that automatically pile up in your eyes, the loss of words to express, the inability to comprehend the situation and even the lack of acceptance of reality!

Maybe this blog will be full of rhetorical questions, but I do know that the loss of a loved one brings all these thoughts to everyone. Again quoting Sherlock Holmes (S04E02) “Once it’s over, it’s not you who’ll miss it. Your own death is something that happens to everybody else.” Apart from the brilliant scripting and dialogue delivery, this is so strikingly true.

  • If I know that this is the last time I am going to meet someone, this will be the last conversation, will it change?
  • What I should have told to the people I care about which I cannot tell now?
  • What I should have done before it was too late?
  • Am I afraid of death or Am I afraid of not knowing that I have no control over when it is?
  • How is my family going to manage without my paycheck next month?

Well obviously, none of the questions above are as important as the below one. I am sure the questions which are not going to let me rest in peace are:

  • Is anyone going to unlock my phone and see my chats/conversations?
  • Is anyone going to check my browsing history?
  • Is anyone going to find out about the hidden booze bottles and pack of cigarettes?
  • Is anyone going to tell my ex about this?
  • What is going to happen to my FB account?

In loving memory, of my friend. Though it is unfair that he didn’t get to play all parts, I am sure he played an Oscar-worthy performance and led a full life. To my friend, to a genuine human being and to an asshole who rushed towards his exit.


The irony of Planning


We all love plans. We want to make plans for the future: for career or for marriage or even for the weekend. Our entire state of happiness and disappointment lies on how close we get to our initial plan. Some call it divine intervention or some call it Murphy’s law or some just call it poor planning but the reality always deviates from our plan. The funny part is though we all have plans we do not want to share our plans to anyone. We think that if we share our plans to people outside the plan, it will not work. We want to project to the outside world we are so impulsive and we ride the wave.

Well this blog is not a philosophical note on life or some serious take on planning. I am not walking that path of serious writing because of the obvious reason that I suck at writing anything matured. I just wanted to share some funny or ironical real life incidents when we were busy planning and God decided to play a joke by screwing up our plan. Here are some of the plan bloopers:

  1. People who planned to enjoy bachelor life without getting married, are slowly realizing that they are finding it more and more difficult to “enjoy bachelorhood” so eventually they give up. Finally their plan gives way to marriage and settling down.
  2. People who got expensive DSLR cameras with the plans of becoming the next photographer with a FB page, shooting candid HD photographs and blurred background macro shots, realize their plans are shattered when the only mode they use in their DSLR is creative auto.
  3. People who plan for traffic and start early to reach the airport on time will hit no traffic and reach so early unlike they planned. They get so bored and check in FB that they are at the airport travelling to some country outside India.
  4. We plan on having our own side of the bed in our bachelor pad, not willing to let go of our side of the bed not even to our better half. Then comes your kid, pees all over on your side of the bed and gives you a smile, throwing your plan of private space into the bin.
  5. You plan to impress everyone at the business presentation with the extra slides you added and get some brownie points. Only then all your slide gets moved to the appendix section making your plan ineffective.
  6. You plan to fill your passport pages, social media with wander lust hash tags and instagram filter photos, you either realize that it makes you bankrupt or backpacking or travelling on budget is not as sexy as it is seen on social media. So all plans and the extra pages in passport is not used anymore.
  7. With all fitness and marathon hype around, you plan on joining a gym, running marathons and doing yoga to keep you fit. Later you realize happiness is that extra hour of sleep or growing fat together and the plan of full marathon gets thrown in a corner along with the gym membership card.
  8. You plan to be the centre of a party, socializing and making sure you make heads turn with your dance moves. In the end, your plan doesn’t even take off when you are sloshed out in one corner even before the party starts and someone carries you home before others even knew you were there.
  9. Inspired by shows like friends or HIMYM, you plan to redefine getting old with friends for life. Your plans are no where close to reality when you realize meeting your friends once in a month is a task and when you meet all you talk about is loans repayment , gaining weight and which school your kid is in.
  10. Your plan of finding your life purpose, after MBA/MS with a new high paying job, falls flat when reality strikes. You realize life is same as before MBA/MS and you still feel like you are in the wrong profession

Whatever the plan bloopers are, I feel at the end God makes sure there is a happy ending. Life takes it own course so lets not get too worked about the details of it. We should not tie our happiness with plans. Lets plan and lets laugh at how our plans got screwed up for something better.

Life and its Randomness….

How random life got over the past few months.  The reason for this blog now, me and my friends who made Pune their home for the last couple of years are moving on with Life. Moving to different cities and with new stuff to do. Lots of changes in so little time…hmmm.

Few months earlier we, me and my friends, were just sitting in our room drinking Budweiser and Carlsberg (few bastards like Carlsberg better than Bud) talking about our ex’s and absolutely having no clue of what we are going to do for life. We didn’t know whether we got bored with our current work or we enjoyed our work, but we just wanted to do something big because everyone around were doing, at least we felt so, something better. We kept talking about girls, marriage, love, job and some stuff I can’t recall. Well it was just another beer talk!

From that beer talk to now lots have changed.

The gang for coffee at work kept reducing, the farewell parties kept increasing, the farewell gift trend had to be discontinued because there were more people to get the gift than to give it.  My life happenings over the past month viewed as category clouds….

MOCK TESTS interviews pubs MBA ENTRANCE TESTS PUBS  gdpi rejects BYE-BYE’s confusion INCREASE IN ROOM RENT more confusion FUTURE PLANS onsite trip MBA ADMIT friends moving out MY FIRST RESIGNATION

If I just rewind back now and see the random stuff that happened, somehow the dots connect. The surprise life throws on us is the fun of Life though I get irritated with the fact our plans doesn’t work always as we expect it to. But hang on what’s the fun if everything works as per the plan we jot down on some To-Do notes or in some planner or just a mental note. It would be so boring. Just keep the clouds coming after all we never know the bigger picture. Come on, if you were God will you let the mortal humans know the plan. Won’t you like to have fun before you could give the all Happy Ending! So God is sweet and he just switches off the lights to throw another surprise party!!!!!!!!

P.S: I am all excited about India vs Pakistan war/cricket tomorrow.

Plan: Watch it on 51″ big screen home theater.

Threat: Rains.

Bigger Picture:  (think)

The month that was not…

Actually this blog was parked in my drafts for a pretty long time that another month got over. JULY 2010….Well this month marks the completion of 2 years of Professional life. Actually that’s not the reason for writing a blog on this month. This month proved to be the month for a lot of realizations. Such a strenuous month that I couldn’t even complete this blog. Understanding How hard Life can be! How corporate life is a bitch!

The word restructuring can become terrifying. The term process  re-engineering can re-engineer a lot of other processes. All you can see around is gloom. You just want to leave the place but still something stops you. May be you are addicted to the pay check so much that you cannot think beyond it. You want to do something you want, you like. Then comes the most difficult question, what you like? what you want to do? That will become another never-ending topic (a blog in itself!!)

The feeling of going to a war field comes up every morning when you wake up. The SIREN sounds and the war beings. You do not know when your number will pop up and you will get a head shot. You try to escape to greener fields but I am too laid back to try that. So its easier to imagine that situation than actually being in that.(<music playing>Wake me up when September ends</music playing>)

Hmmmm….. why I am not saying that’s it!

  • Maybe like Inception someone planted the idea of loving this in my Head.
  • Maybe I am forgetting I hate this now and then like Ghajini.
  • Maybe I just don’t care enough to hate it.
  • Maybe I need to get stressed up for the love of BUDS every weekend.
  • Maybe my credit cards bill never let me hate this.
  • Maybe I just don’t want to sit at home without doing anything. So something is better than nothing.
  • Maybe I just can’t see my account balance without being refreshed every 30 days.
  • Maybe I need more push to say the words.
  • Maybe its just peer pressure, feeling insignificant to say I am jobless

That’s a lot of maybe’s. Figuring out how to get out of this will a take while. At the end the realizations matter.

The quote “The problem with rat race is even if you win you are a rat” made so much sense to me. What is the race for? Should I really take it? If no, what else?

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The final mistake-The sweetest of all

I know many of the few readers of my blog are pissed off with the mistake series..but guys this is the last one…seriously. The first mistake was done by my parents, the next one by me so now I had to find someone else to blame it on. None else other than The Almighty. ahem ahem…Please forgive me Lord this mistake is on you.  The sweetest mistake is God creating me as a Boy. Come on guys now don’t start imagining stuff. This blog is just for fun purpose and does not intend any hidden intentions or motives and is not judgemental. Now being done with the disclaimers, lets start the stuff.

Why I feel being born as a boy is a mistake. The first words about me in some hospital in Chennai “Congrats…You have got a baby boy” would have had my parents celebrating but may have left me cursing God for giving me a ***** . Fine the thought process behind this blog. It’s not because the number of scraps if your gender is F in Orkut touches four figures(or even more) and it’s not because you get a lot of gifts in Farmville if your gender is F. It’s this incident that happened when I went around clicking some pics in my office campus and the security was like as if am Kasab’s successor shouted and showed the sign showing Photography prohibited. I was like little embarrassed and while walking back saw the same security guard taking some pics for a girl!!

Girls, the so-called fairer sex gets advantage in everything. Right from reservation in Parliaments to the seating in a bus.  Everywhere they get extra benefits I don’t know why. Well I will take few examples and illustrate my point:

Example: 1: Guy learns to drive a car, stops in the red lights of the traffic. Couldn’t start off once the lights are green. Everyone on the road starts shouting. You could get to hear new swearing words. Some even try to feel your shirt collars. BUT if it was a girl she gets free learning classes and guys even push the car to help her. grrrr…

Example:2: Guy enters a pub. Bouncers charge him more saying Stags separate charge. Girls get to enter free and they even get free drinks!

Example:3: Huge queue for security check in at the airport. Guys need to stand in the queue even if his flight is 5 min from take off. Girls get to have a separate empty queue even if their flight is hours away from take off.

(You guys should check that I have quoted only 3 examples…relating with the 3rd mistake ;))

Well the list of examples is never-ending. The moral remains the same.

How many times have you seen people (including Men and Women) helping a Man in some situation?

How many times have you seen men seated in Ladies’ seats in a public transport?

How many times have you seen men sitting at home and women working their ass off?

Well guys, I am sorry lets face it we are the poor souls. We have to fight hard in this unfair world. We don’t have much option. We cannot act dumb and still end up being called as cute. We cannot be puny and be called as size zero. We cannot be fat and be called as chubbyyyy. We cannot like bright colors without the risk of being called as Gay. We cannot start a fight and end up getting convinced by the other party. We cannot sound sexy by misspelling words like so sweet (choo shweet). We cannot be attractive by driving without sense of direction.

Lets have a look from the other side. Imagine we (Guys) do not have what we have and we have what we do not have. The world opens up. I can start a “natak” if a guy pops up the “question” and say I never thought you will do this. (Guys can never do that). I can waste all my teens and end up selecting someone from a group of NRI’s to spend the rest of my life. I can opt to sit at home and spend the entire money earned by the He of the family. I can pass on all my work to some jackass by just saying a plissshhhh. I can have hours and hours of conversation with just a missed call. I won’t be called crazy if give names to some soft toy.

Whatever at the end of the day I am really glad about this mistake. I am happy I enjoy watching sports. I am happy I need not spend hours and hours of getting ready. I am happy lying down and staring at the roof with absolutely nothing in my mind. I am happy that I can be humorous. I am happy making decisions for myself. I am happy with the burps and beers!

I am happy with this mistake. I am happy being a Guy. The sweetest mistake!

* All characters and incidents in this write-up are fictional. Any resemblance to anyone may or may not be intentional. No offense meant!